Choosing a Gas Water Heater: What Are Your Needs?


– Gas water heaters: three types of appliances

– Location of the gas water heater

– Choosing a gas water heater: what are your needs?

– Price of a gas water heater: more expensive than electric at the time of purchase

The gas water heater makes it possible to produce domestic hot water at an acceptable energy cost, even if the investment is a little high. As with the electric water heater, several gas appliances are available to best suit your home and your hot water needs.

There are also gas-fired boilers, which also provide power to the radiators for heating in addition to domestic hot water.

Note: the gas water heater can be coupled to a solar water heater or a thermodynamic water heater with a heat pump.

Gas water heaters: three types of appliances

There are three types of gas water heaters:

– the instantaneous gas water heater:

◦ of limited capacity;

◦ water is heated on demand;

◦ low flow rate and non-constant water temperature.

– the gas storage water heater:

◦ of greater capacity;

◦ but need a connection to a vent, either a gas-fired water heater or a chimney;

The gas boiler, which produces domestic hot water and supplies the hot water network for heating, is a different water heater. The gas boiler, which is more considerable in power and space, has a significantly different use.

These are as follows: The bath heater is a more powerful instantaneous water heater offering a higher flow rate (> 10 liters per minute) and generally requiring an evacuation.

Location of the gas water heater

Instantaneous gas water heaters: a somewhat restrictive installation

The installation of an instantaneous gas water heater is prohibited in:

– bathrooms;

– bedrooms;

– living rooms;

– and in rooms ventilated only by a VMC outlet.

The instantaneous gas water heater will find its place in the kitchen, provided that it has a window.

Instantaneous gas water heaters cannot supply large volumes of hot water (over 50 liters). For large consumption, it is rather advisable to equip with a storage water heater. The latter, on the other hand, will need a connection to an exhaust pipe.

Gas storage water heaters: the need for a venting system

The gas storage water heater is also called a gas hot water tank. This reliable and economical to use, the high-efficiency appliance includes a burner as a heating element inside a tank with a thermostat.

The gas storage water heater must be connected to a flue gas outlet:

– either with a “chimney outlet”: the connection is made to the chimney flue of the house;

– or with a “suction cup outlet”: the suction cup opens directly to the outside, so the gas water heater must be attached to an outside wall.

Whether it is a gas water heater with a suction cup or a chimney water heater, this accumulation system has the advantage of heating water much faster than its electric equivalent, the electric cumulus.

Choosing a gas water heater: what are your needs?

Instantaneous appliances can be adapted to all types of gas. The main criterion to consider when choosing a gas water heater is its capacity. This capacity is mainly based on your lifestyle.

– How many people live under your roof?

– Do you prefer showers or baths? How often?

The configuration of your home is also a significant factor in choosing a gas water heater:

– Avoid heat loss by having less than 8-10 m of piping between the tap and the water heater.

– If you have more than 10 m, you will have to choose a tankless water heater for this water point instead of a gas-fired storage water heater or chimney.

Next, choose appliances with the NF mark, which guarantees the following aspects:

– gas safety;

– nominal power;

– energy efficiency;

– suitability for the function.

Price of a gas water heater: more expensive than an electric one at the time of purchase.

Here is a table of indicative prices for the different types of gas water heaters:

Type of gas water heater



From $400 to $3 000

Instant Bath Heater

From $200 to $600

Bath heater

From $300 to $500

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